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C is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It is fast, portable and available in all platforms. If you are new to programming, C is a good choice to start your programming journey. This is a comprehensive guide on how to get started in C programming language, why you should learn it and how you can learn it.

Characteristics of C Language

1. Small size.
2. Extensive use of function calls .
3. Loose typing unlike PASCAL.
4. Structured language.
5. Low level (BitWise) programming readily available.
6. Pointer implementation extensive use of pointers for memory, array, structures, and functions.

Now, it had become a widely used professional language because of following reasons.

1. It has high-level constructs.
2. It can handle low-level activities.
3. It produces efficient programs.
4. It can be compiled on a variety of computers.